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HUNT & LICENSE FEES: This year we are charging $2,150.00 for our 6 day Kansas Muzzle Loader hunts, $2,000.00 for our 6 day Kansas Bow hunts, and $2,600.00 for our 5 ½ day Kansas Rifle hunts.  Kids under 16 are half price. We implement a strict 130 inch antler minimum. There is a $500.00 fee charged to any deer that gross scores under 130 inches. We require a 50% deposit to secure your spot within 10 days of booking your dates.  Here at Antlers Inc., we want your experience to be the best possible hunt of your dreams, and for that to happen we need to collect hunter’s deposits and secure dates well in advance.  All hunters will need to apply for the Kansas non-resident deer tag $346.96 in the month of April this must be done by the last Saturday in April.  If you book a hunt with us, we will help you get that done on time.  We will be in touch with you several times to make certain you didn't’ have any questions or problems with the application. It is not a guaranteed draw so you have to apply. Generally there are some left over tags available in late July and they sometimes will last until early August but there are absolutely no guarantees that there will be any left overs at all. Hunters will also need a Kansas non-resident hunting license which is $72.50. Kids under 16 non-residents are $37.50.

MUZZLE LOADER SEASON: Muzzle loader is the first season of the year it is in late September. At this time of year we are hunting near crops. Kansas Whitetail Bucks are in bachelor groups and are patternable!! They are spending a lot of time in the soy bean, milo, and corn fields. The corn is generally cut by the time season starts so we don’t have to fight that as cover. This is when we see for the first time other than trail cam pics what Kansas has to offer.  There is a lot of cover with the crops standing and the weeds and trees still being leafed out. It’s generally warm during this hunt so we only hunt mornings and evenings. The great part of this hunt is, if you spot a big Kansas buck feeding in an area and you can’t get a shot he will be there again tomorrow.  Also in Kansas during this time of year our bucks tend to bed in very unlikely looking areas that one could never guess a deer to be. As with all Kansas deer hunts weather plays a big part but this is generally a highly successful hunt.

ARCHERY SEASON: We only offer Bow hunts during the pre-rut, rut and beginning of the post rut. This is late October and November.  We only believe in running hunts when it’s the best possible time to kill a Trophy Kansas Buck.

RIFLE SEASON: Our Kansas rifle hunts are in late November and early December. The Rifle season starts the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving. We have feeders filled with corn and keep them baited during the season as needed. This is post rut and the hunter will probably see some chasing but it’s not flat out rut, its tapering off. Kansas Whitetail have been through a lot by now and need energy so the corn really is appealing to them at this time. We recommend that you bring extreme weather clothing. This time of year the weather is unpredictable and it can be cold. We have a shooting range for you to check your gun especially if you fly. The worst thing that can happen is to have the Kansas Deer of your dreams in front of you and have a miss. 

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